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I awaken today with aching legs and a grogginess that can only be applied to the body of someone who had a great filled day!

Yesterday was mine and Emma’s first year wedding anniversary, the day started with an exchange of gifts. I had made a book of images of Emma on blurb which she loved(thank goodness!)

I was treated to a book of images by the late Francesca Woodman, the book is beautiful and very very inspiring. What a body of work in such a short time…..I really need to up my game!

When traveled(by bus) to Newcastle, and after buying some picnic food. We went on the metro to Jesmond (after sampling some jerk chicken at the world market that is on at the monument) We walked to Jesmond Dene(after getting a little lost haha) Jesmond Dene is where I proposed. So we sat and a little picnic and enjoyed the sunshine and surroundings. Lovely!

Jesmond Dene has some great spots for pictures, I had my little rangefinder with me. I finished the roll so that will be coming up soon once I process it!

But I also took some pictures with Emmas little Samsung point and shoot(shock horror!) yes I broke the none digital rule(for shame!) I will post them up there not bad actually.

They were taken with a vignette filter on the camera and I have put a vcso ilford hp5 effect in lightroom. The grain(haha noise) is terrible but they view alright on the laptop screen.

Great location!

After this we walked through Heaten park and found the shoe tree(look it up it is pretty cool!) then we walked back to Jesmond and to as you like it for our romantic evening meal. Which was lovely! Then a walk back to the bus station and an hour back on the bus home!

Great start to a our holiday!








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I really like flowers, but being the colourless heathen I am, I like to see how the basic structure of the flower can make the picture beautiful without relying on gaudy colours.

Anyway here are a couple from the same roll as the last one of some of the flowers in my house (Mrs Sayer loves buying flowers so I always have something to photograph)



Can anyone give me an give me an argument for not having a shallow depth of field? no? didn’t think so.

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When we were at the Baltic the other week, Emma bought this stupid little doll thing. So I thought it would be something to bring alive with photography!


Cute eh? I wonder what other adventures doll face gets into?


These are of the same roll as before so same tech info.

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So on my favorite guitar site(yes I am a guitar nerd too) Shortscale.orgĀ  member riotshield asked me what I did with my scanned film images after I scanned them. So I thought I would do a video showing my exact process. This video isn’t very good it was a bit distracting talking about what I was doing but it should give a general idea of the process I go through for my images.

The images I scan as high quality tiffs in epson scan with no adjustments, so the images I put in lightroom are unaltered from the negatives. So I do all my editing in lightroom.

Here is the video (with sneak peaks at the next set of images I have to choose from to upload)


I am no lightroom wiz kid, but I just want to have as little to do with my images on the computer( A big reason for not shooting digital)

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I do occasionally take picture of other things apart from Emma. So here we go!

These were all shot on Ilford fp4+ @200 and developed in rodinal for I think 13 minutes at 1+25. I used my wide angle lens on the bronica and on the leaf picture i used a close up filter.(+4 I think)
All at you guest it, f2.8! HOOORAH!

More to come from this roll over the next few days.

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These pictures are from the other day when I shot those two rolls of expired tri-x, these are from the first roll. The only difference was I developed these for 19 minutes instead of 18.30 seconds. And the lighting was slightly different. In these shots I had two lights pointing into a silver reflexive umbrella on one side. I was after a old fashioned look, not sure how well I achieved that but none the less here they are.

These are named after Elliot smith songs.


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