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So after my post last night, lets start again on the road of blogging!

I am obviously not gifted in writing/English! I am dyslexic and find this all very much hard work! But after re reading all my posts  I really enjoyed the catch up so I think it best I keep at it if at all possible.

So I mentioned the good news well if you haven’t seen my flickr post check it out!


Yes this my wife Emma holding a positive test! Pregnant(after about 2 years trying) this was taken back in November (for the technical aspect of this blog this was taken on a new camera to this blog a 60’s Empire Junior, a bit like a Diana I suppose but made of metal. Kodak tri-x pushed to about 2 or three stops to get something of the negative. developed in Rodinal)

So yes we are very happy Emma is about 14 weeks now and suffering just about every symptom expecting mothers are subject to. We are due in June the 29th to be exact!!

Here is our 12 week scan picture

So that is my first post of hopefully a more steady stream of blogging.


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I really need to get back on this! I just read through all my posts on here and it was nice to look back and catch up on myself. So even if no one else reads this site(and who could but me the spelling and grammar are atrocious!) It would be worth me going to the trouble of jotting down my thought of this and that. 

I haven’t been very active in taking pictures for a while now, life just got in the way(many things to boring or healthy to splurge here) but I am making a point to make time for this hobby that does actually bring much joy.

So yes lets get back to it! It’s rather late right now but I do have new pictures to post and exciting news to talk about. Maybe tomorrow.

Night night!


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