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So on my favorite guitar site(yes I am a guitar nerd too) Shortscale.orgĀ  member riotshield asked me what I did with my scanned film images after I scanned them. So I thought I would do a video showing my exact process. This video isn’t very good it was a bit distracting talking about what I was doing but it should give a general idea of the process I go through for my images.

The images I scan as high quality tiffs in epson scan with no adjustments, so the images I put in lightroom are unaltered from the negatives. So I do all my editing in lightroom.

Here is the video (with sneak peaks at the next set of images I have to choose from to upload)


I am no lightroom wiz kid, but I just want to have as little to do with my images on the computer( A big reason for not shooting digital)


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So it has been really bugging me about that roll of film that I didn’t load properly the other day(stupid me) and I had the roll of lovely hp5 just sitting there feeling sorry for itself, unused unloved and now useless without a film leader hanging out anymore.

So I got to thinking I bet there is a way to get the leader out without taking it apart, and by the magic that is the internet there is!

After a bit of looking I found these two links and used a combination of them both to get the leader out

First one I found used another film and some spit to get it out


This didn’t work at first or the second or third time…but then I found this one


Now I didn’t have any tape, however the video taught me I need to open the film(very slightly to stop resistance) and two instead of quickly pulling on the film slowly is better.

So using the spit technique plus the slow pull I got the leader out. Turns out the film sprocket had torn and and that stopped it loading properly.


So I reloaded the film (properly this time) into my little rangefinder and will be using the camera again(I had previously went into a huff with it after the other days mishap)

In other news I shot a roll of film of my cousins foster daughter last night after she got a hair cut. It was getting late so I had to bump it up to 1600 so I am looking forward to see what that looks like, never pushed neopan that high before.


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