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So after my post last night, lets start again on the road of blogging!

I am obviously not gifted in writing/English! I am dyslexic and find this all very much hard work! But after re reading all my posts  I really enjoyed the catch up so I think it best I keep at it if at all possible.

So I mentioned the good news well if you haven’t seen my flickr post check it out!


Yes this my wife Emma holding a positive test! Pregnant(after about 2 years trying) this was taken back in November (for the technical aspect of this blog this was taken on a new camera to this blog a 60’s Empire Junior, a bit like a Diana I suppose but made of metal. Kodak tri-x pushed to about 2 or three stops to get something of the negative. developed in Rodinal)

So yes we are very happy Emma is about 14 weeks now and suffering just about every symptom expecting mothers are subject to. We are due in June the 29th to be exact!!

Here is our 12 week scan picture

So that is my first post of hopefully a more steady stream of blogging.


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Well hopefully not. I thought I would add a tumblr account. It seems to be quite easy to add pictures from flickr so I will use it for so, I wont be adding any words, that’s what this site is for!


I will also be adding some old images from time to time for people to check out, so it would be worth subscribing for that!

Also I started a Facebook, not sure how useful this will be but it will allow tumblr posts to show up dead easy. And hopefully I will get lots of likes to make me think I am popular!



There isn’t a great deal on there as of yet but don’t let that stop you liking the page it would make me super duper happy!


Couple more selfs

That’s all for now!

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I awaken today with aching legs and a grogginess that can only be applied to the body of someone who had a great filled day!

Yesterday was mine and Emma’s first year wedding anniversary, the day started with an exchange of gifts. I had made a book of images of Emma on blurb which she loved(thank goodness!)

I was treated to a book of images by the late Francesca Woodman, the book is beautiful and very very inspiring. What a body of work in such a short time…..I really need to up my game!

When traveled(by bus) to Newcastle, and after buying some picnic food. We went on the metro to Jesmond (after sampling some jerk chicken at the world market that is on at the monument) We walked to Jesmond Dene(after getting a little lost haha) Jesmond Dene is where I proposed. So we sat and a little picnic and enjoyed the sunshine and surroundings. Lovely!

Jesmond Dene has some great spots for pictures, I had my little rangefinder with me. I finished the roll so that will be coming up soon once I process it!

But I also took some pictures with Emmas little Samsung point and shoot(shock horror!) yes I broke the none digital rule(for shame!) I will post them up there not bad actually.

They were taken with a vignette filter on the camera and I have put a vcso ilford hp5 effect in lightroom. The grain(haha noise) is terrible but they view alright on the laptop screen.

Great location!

After this we walked through Heaten park and found the shoe tree(look it up it is pretty cool!) then we walked back to Jesmond and to as you like it for our romantic evening meal. Which was lovely! Then a walk back to the bus station and an hour back on the bus home!

Great start to a our holiday!







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So me and the missus had a day in our local city today. We had a look in the Baltic (in Gateshead of course), not massively impressed with what we saw (and heard) but we did have a nice chat with one of the guides about the complicated task of changing installations each time. This was brought on by a massive brick wall that was from the floor to the ceiling, turns out it wasn’t really a brick wall. It was more like tiles…anyway moving on. I took a few snaps when we left there (trying my hand at street photography).

We also popped into Side Photographic Gallery link, bizarrely this was the first time I have been here and I am truly glad we popped in. There is an exhibition by Lynsey Addario (Veiled rebellion: Women in Afghanistan) A terribly moving exhibition. I really encourage anyone nearby to not only support this marvelous Gallery anyway, but it would be worth your while to see these pictures and read the stories along side them. The exhibition is running until 13 October 2012, also Lynsey Addario will be talking about her work at the side gallery on Saturday 15th September, 2pm FREE entry!  http://www.lynseyaddario.com/

Anyway I will leave you with a couple of my older street shots, I hope the couple I took today come out well..still a while to finish the roll though. Bloody 35mm!(I can never finish the roll)

These were all taken on my little Olympus 35rc rangefinder(what I had with me today) and were probably shot on Ilford hp5.

More here


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Yesterday when I went out shopping for some lunch I also bought Amateur Photographer magazine. It’s the only half decent (photography) magazine my local Tesco’s sells. I don’t normally buy it but the front cover caught my eye as it was a black and white special.

Anyway on page 7 hid  away in the snap shots section was something I already knew but it was interesting to see it  published with facts and figures. It said that ”70% of photographers aged 16-24 have lost treasured pictures due to their reliance on digital technology.” and ”64% of people fail to print out their digital images.” It went on, but I looked at it said you know if ever there were a reason to ditch digital, come to future of photography and shoot film, this was it! (slight smiley face needed here)

I have had cards go bad in the past and lost pictures, and I know people who have had the external hard drives crash and destroy their life’s work. Yes there is the argument that these people should of had back ups after back ups but lets just totally exclude the poor photographer further and further. It is already so expensive to keep up with the latest and greatest digital creations, and on top of that we are saying you should spend further on having the latest and greatest HD  in duplicate!

My digital loss happened from camera to computer somehow, so even if I had infinitum hard drives it wouldn’t of helped.

No the future is film, I of course make my negatives digital(I am scanning some negatives right now as it happens) but if my computer does die on me I still have the physical negatives safely tucked away ready to scan again or get this for a strange wacky idea PRINT!

There was also a great read on the Russian photographer Sasha Gusov, the bit that stuck in my head the most was a bit he said about lighting ” Choosing not to use a tripod, flash, or multiple lights, Gusov believes that working with minimal equipment leads to images that are more personal” he goes on, and then ”you can achieve so much with just one light”

Wow! what a great guy, lighting is something I am working on at the moment, but try and search the world wide web looking for alternative lighting techniques, it is either people making lights out of cheap ikea lights (which I am all for actually) or people setting of multiple flashes with pocket wizards blah blah blah” you can’t have a shadow there” ”fill light there”  etc It was refreshing to here a master of his art saying what I wanted to hear. what a guy!

Here is a video of the man at work!

Yep one light no flash! well done that man there!

anyway back to my scanning.


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