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These next two pictures are really not what I would call my style, (do I have  a style?) I really think the same pictures will have been taken a billion times before. But I really do not want to be pretentious (all the time) these were taken on our recent holiday. I just got round to developing a couple more rolls of film last night. (1+25 for 8 minutes in rodinal hp5 @800asa)

These are at the lovely Gromont station, part of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, now I would not consider myself a steam buff or even enthusiast (although I have fired and driven steam engines in my past) but  I don’t think there are many out there that wont stop and admire one as it stops at the station. This is why I know these shots have been taken many times before! In my opinion though the secret to a good picture with of steam is to try and take it without anyone dressed in modern clothes in the frame. A difficult task! but it can be done!

There were people all around (a fairly busy day) but you can’t waste film taken a million shots. Just wait and your time will come.


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Hi folks, these next two are my attempt at street photography. I do enjoy it but I find if you are not doing it all the time, it really  shows. There is a big confidence needed for effective street shots shots.

The first one is from the last roll I took a good few weeks ago in Newcastle on the millennium bridge

When I saw the shot, I got a rush of excitement, pulled the camera out of my bag (olympus 35rc) set it up and snapped two shots as I passed. the first was too far away(confidence) the second was much better I did have to crop slightly. But I am pleased with this one seeing as I hadn’t really shot any street stuff in a long time.

The second is from our holiday. This was our day trip from Whitby to Scarborough shot at  the spa
This is a gorgeous location, there was a bbc organist playing beach tunes(and abba) and the place was full of pensioners sitting on deck chairs asleep. We didn’t pay the 3 pound to get in but instead climbed the steps and listened for free above. while we sat I noticed this guy asleep I really wanted the picture but his wife was sat very close to him wide awake. I tried some sneaky shots from affair but it wasn’t right. I needed to be close, but had to wait until we were leaving so I could get take it when I walked past. Anyway I got it but had to straighten the picture some. This was shot on hp5 in the 35rc on a very sunny day. I zone focused the camera to about 1.5 meters and shot from the hip. I am very pleased with it.

Developed in rodinal at 1+100 for 16 minutes(I am running out of developer and have no money for new so I am being very frugal)

More to come from our holiday!

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So on my favorite guitar site(yes I am a guitar nerd too) Shortscale.org  member riotshield asked me what I did with my scanned film images after I scanned them. So I thought I would do a video showing my exact process. This video isn’t very good it was a bit distracting talking about what I was doing but it should give a general idea of the process I go through for my images.

The images I scan as high quality tiffs in epson scan with no adjustments, so the images I put in lightroom are unaltered from the negatives. So I do all my editing in lightroom.

Here is the video (with sneak peaks at the next set of images I have to choose from to upload)


I am no lightroom wiz kid, but I just want to have as little to do with my images on the computer( A big reason for not shooting digital)

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These pictures are from the other day when I shot those two rolls of expired tri-x, these are from the first roll. The only difference was I developed these for 19 minutes instead of 18.30 seconds. And the lighting was slightly different. In these shots I had two lights pointing into a silver reflexive umbrella on one side. I was after a old fashioned look, not sure how well I achieved that but none the less here they are.

These are named after Elliot smith songs.


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I couldn’t resist posting this other one from the same roll of tri-x.

Look at Harvey’s little face , I know he is in the dark but he wasn’t supposed to be there. He just kept running into the shot, he want’s to be on film!

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So I have this tri-x that expired in 2002, I bought it from ebay and I don’t think it was kept very well….at all. It is fogged(like a lot) it curls sooo bad. And the paper that you use to tape in down after you have shot it stuck to the roll so you have to use tape instead. Oh and it has most definitely  lost its speed of 400 iso.

Anyway for this roll I decided to over expose by one stop to get a workable negative(negatives have been rather dark in the past rating at box speed).

So I shot at 800 iso and then processed as if it was shot at 1600, get it? Well to say I love the results is an understatement, I left the film in rodinal at 1+50 for 18minutes 30 seconds I think for the next roll I will leave it in maybe for 19 minutes just to see if that helps further.

In this shoot I was using lighting only, no natural light, I wanted mood! I pointed one light at Emma and one at the wall, they were both just cheap old model lights and not very bright. I actually wish I had turned the one on the wall off on a few shots to try and darken it down but I was trying to get rid of some shadows.

This is my living room by the way so things were quite cramped. I used the bronica etrs-i  and the 50mm wide angle for a number of the shots and the 75mm too. Aperture never left f2.8. Anyway this is my favorite from the roll Grain Grain Grain!!!

I think it has a very Seattle grunge look, hence the 1992 name.

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I thought this picture had a 1950s vibe. My wife loves vintage fashion (as do I). I love my t-shirts and shorts.. but if I thought I could get away with it I would wear a full suit and hat everyday just like the gentlemen of the past did!

This is from the same roll as the last pictures.

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