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Well hopefully not. I thought I would add a tumblr account. It seems to be quite easy to add pictures from flickr so I will use it for so, I wont be adding any words, that’s what this site is for!


I will also be adding some old images from time to time for people to check out, so it would be worth subscribing for that!

Also I started a Facebook, not sure how useful this will be but it will allow tumblr posts to show up dead easy. And hopefully I will get lots of likes to make me think I am popular!



There isn’t a great deal on there as of yet but don’t let that stop you liking the page it would make me super duper happy!


Couple more selfs

That’s all for now!


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Now that I have set the scene 🙂


Here are my all analog attempt at floating..excuse to show my new tattoo(and my horrible hairy legs)
Same tech info as before…

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So when I talk about my little rangefinder I am talking about the wonderful Olympus 35rc. Now I do like this camera but it is not without faults! the rangfinder viewfinder is not the clearest, it quite often gets the film stuck and tears the film. And the closest focusing is painfully far away! It is also in shutter priority mode. However I still love its size and the lens is smashing.

Note the self timer leaver is missing on mine(this is the camera I tend to just shove in my bag so it gets tossed about)

Anyway these next pictures are from this camera taken in Jesmond dene(anniversary). They are shot on ilford hp5+ that I shot at 800 iso so a one stop push. Developed in rodinal at 1+50 for 16 minutes. Scanned with minor tweaks in lightroom.

first up actually isn’t in Jesmond but is us waiting for the bus.

Next up is Emma playing with her food( a babybell if you need to know) at her age really tut tut!

Next up is the happy accidents. Basically the film got stuck on the last few frames and created this awesome double(quadruple)  exposure! So happy about this. I do love double exposures and this is a feature not normally available on the 35rc…unless it malfunctions 🙂

Anyway I have a few more I would like to upload from this roll but that will come another day!



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I awaken today with aching legs and a grogginess that can only be applied to the body of someone who had a great filled day!

Yesterday was mine and Emma’s first year wedding anniversary, the day started with an exchange of gifts. I had made a book of images of Emma on blurb which she loved(thank goodness!)

I was treated to a book of images by the late Francesca Woodman, the book is beautiful and very very inspiring. What a body of work in such a short time…..I really need to up my game!

When traveled(by bus) to Newcastle, and after buying some picnic food. We went on the metro to Jesmond (after sampling some jerk chicken at the world market that is on at the monument) We walked to Jesmond Dene(after getting a little lost haha) Jesmond Dene is where I proposed. So we sat and a little picnic and enjoyed the sunshine and surroundings. Lovely!

Jesmond Dene has some great spots for pictures, I had my little rangefinder with me. I finished the roll so that will be coming up soon once I process it!

But I also took some pictures with Emmas little Samsung point and shoot(shock horror!) yes I broke the none digital rule(for shame!) I will post them up there not bad actually.

They were taken with a vignette filter on the camera and I have put a vcso ilford hp5 effect in lightroom. The grain(haha noise) is terrible but they view alright on the laptop screen.

Great location!

After this we walked through Heaten park and found the shoe tree(look it up it is pretty cool!) then we walked back to Jesmond and to as you like it for our romantic evening meal. Which was lovely! Then a walk back to the bus station and an hour back on the bus home!

Great start to a our holiday!







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Couple more from the roll of tri-x

These were uploaded with the names of two Beat Happening songs in my head.

These were taken at the end of the second roll and I think the thin patience of Emma is starting to show really clearly. I had moved the light on her really close, and anyone who has had a light shone in their eyes in the dark will know that isn’t the greatest feeling. We suffer for our art…well Emma did…

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So I have this tri-x that expired in 2002, I bought it from ebay and I don’t think it was kept very well….at all. It is fogged(like a lot) it curls sooo bad. And the paper that you use to tape in down after you have shot it stuck to the roll so you have to use tape instead. Oh and it has most definitely  lost its speed of 400 iso.

Anyway for this roll I decided to over expose by one stop to get a workable negative(negatives have been rather dark in the past rating at box speed).

So I shot at 800 iso and then processed as if it was shot at 1600, get it? Well to say I love the results is an understatement, I left the film in rodinal at 1+50 for 18minutes 30 seconds I think for the next roll I will leave it in maybe for 19 minutes just to see if that helps further.

In this shoot I was using lighting only, no natural light, I wanted mood! I pointed one light at Emma and one at the wall, they were both just cheap old model lights and not very bright. I actually wish I had turned the one on the wall off on a few shots to try and darken it down but I was trying to get rid of some shadows.

This is my living room by the way so things were quite cramped. I used the bronica etrs-i  and the 50mm wide angle for a number of the shots and the 75mm too. Aperture never left f2.8. Anyway this is my favorite from the roll Grain Grain Grain!!!

I think it has a very Seattle grunge look, hence the 1992 name.

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